Can’t get gobblers to shake those hens!

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I don’t think I’ve ever seen as many turkeys in my life in the past week or so while hunting in Mississippi and Louisiana and still not kill one. The gobblers are roosting, gobbling and hitting the ground, but almost immediately they are wrapped up with hens and they just won’t leave them.

Most every time a hen yelps, they’ll gobble. I can yelp and they’ll gobble, but they won’t come my way. They stay with the hens. And there’s a bunch of them.

That’s not all bad, though because I’ve noticed even the last couple of days that they are getting a little more separated each day, so our time is coming. I’m overlooking what’s happening now because I know my bad luck will soon turn into their bad luck!

Yesterday I thought things were going to be perfect. I set up on a gobbler and he roosted not 75 yards away from me. He gobbled several times and flew down from the tree, then nothing! There was another group of six to eight gobblers and there must have been 25 hens. They worked and gobbled and yelped. I could see them on and off through the woods. They responded to the call, but didn’t come my way again. I even tried to sneak around on the other side but they just slipped away.

My time is coming.