Gobblers still bunched up

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Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 9.34.40 AMI’ve been hunting over in Mississippi this week since their season opened before ours in Louisiana. I’ve been seeing and hearing a lot of gobblers, but they are still bunched and and just not doing right yet.

I set up on top of a ridge and heard about a dozen different gobbles just a couple of days ago. I had a group of longbeard gobblers walking up and down the bottom. I just knew one of them would come right up the ridge, but they stopped short about 40 yards away and never got out in the open. They took off after a bunch of hens and I never had a shot.

I spent some time in the woods scouting up around Marion yesterday and had planned to go there Saturday morning. But I never heard a turkey gobble. I ran into a forester that was in the woods every day and he said he hadn’t heard many so far either. I’m not sure what I’ll do opening weekend, but we’ll get you a report early next week and let you know how folks did. It looks like the weather is going to be a challenge opening weekend. Keep your eyes on that. And be careful out there and always put safety first. Never fire a shot until you are SURE of your target.

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