It’s happening to all of us

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Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 11.09.12 AMI had a friend call the other day and say, “Man, I just can’t get the gobblers to come to me. They must be smarter than I am”.  I laughed and told him don’t worry, it’s happening to all of us. A turkey has a brain the size of an English pea so I’m sure I’m smarter than him.  And I told my friend, besides, I’m a lot better caller than you are! It’s nice to have friends, right?

It’s still a bit early and the turkeys just aren’t where we want them to be right now. They are gobbling early and looking for hens, but when they find them, they are just staying with them. Pretty soon the hens will start sneaking off and laying eggs and nesting during the day, and that’s when we’ll start getting the gobblers to come to us. They’ll start gobbling later in the morning. I’ve had a few young jakes come up five steps away, but the big ones aren’t buying it right now.

As I told my friend, the turkeys can’t read, so they don’t know that the turkey season opened and it’s time for them to start being easier to hunt. Time doesn’t mean anything to a turkey out in the woods. We just have to wait until they are ready.

The key is to be there when they are!