Simmons’ Turkey Report with Jeff Simmons

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Simmons’ Turkey Report with Jeff Simmons:

There always seems to be some challenge with hunting turkeys. This season, not only do hunters have to find birds and lure them in, but many hunters are being forced to change tactics and locations due to all this rain. It’s been a mixed bag.


The rain has messed up bottomland hunting and left many prime hunting areas under a load of water. Turkeys will often answer calls, but they don’t like to fly over water when they don’t have to. Take that in consideration if flood waters have separated you and your gobblers.



On the other hand, that has concentrated the birds in the hill country, which also makes them a little easier to locate for hunters in that habitat. But when all these changes take over, it does make the birds even more wary than before.


We’ve heard reports that the gobblers are acting a little strange in some places. They answer calls, but are slow to come to them. In other areas, the gobblers are still with the hens, making it difficult to get them separated. But that’s what makes this so much fun — when it isn’t frustrating. It is a challenge.


In either case, be safe out there.