Talking Texas turkeys…

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TPWD photo
TPWD photo

We spent a little time out in Sonoma, Texas last week and had some really good hunts. Five of us went and in three days, we killed 14 longbeards. The limit in Texas is four apiece.

The turkeys were henned up a little bit, but conditions were right and we were able to call up the turkeys. I got two and was able to call up 10 more that were either killed or shot at. It’s not as much fun to call them up for somebody else, but it’s close. I have been fortunate enough to have hunted and called for a long time, so I enjoy helping other hunters get their birds.

Hunter and I will probably go back on one more trip before the season ends. He didn’t get to go this time and he loves it as much as I do.

One of my friends brought along his son and I was able to call up a turkey for him. That gobbler strutted and gobbled across a 100 yard field and came right within 20 steps of us. He got so excited he shot two feet over the turkeys head! It was so funny, but he was not happy. We were able to call up another one later and he got him!

Good hunting!