Turkey as table fare

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When you and your turkey hunting buddies have a successful day in the field, it’s just the first step in having a great meal to enjoy your harvest even further.

When you catch a mess of fish or kill a deer, it’s pretty easy to figure out how to properly take care of all that meat — you cook it and put it on the table.

But what about wild turkeys? Do hunters eat them, too?

You bet. About the only meat that you can eat off a wild turkey is the breast. They have big breasts that are white meat and really taste good. You can get some meat off the thigh and legs, but you have to remember what a turkey does almost all day long, ever day. They run. And they run some more. They run after each other and they run from their own shadow! So that meat can be a bit tough.

But back to the good part. Here’s what Jeff says to do: “I like to cut the breast meat up into small pieces like big nuggets. Season them up with some Cajun seasoning like Tony’s and batter them. I like to double batter mine. Batter them, let them sit a minute and then run them through the batter again. Then fry them up and they are moist and tasty. I make a simple batter out of milk and flour. You don’t even have to marinate them because there is no real gamey taste like some wild game or game birds.”

If you kill a wild turkey, or a friend offers you a wild turkey breast, give it a try.