Turned the tables on two!

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Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 1.16.15 PMThe tables got turned on a couple of gobblers that had been giving me the run around over in Mississippi. I was having trouble getting them away from the hens, but I’ve got two now.

They still aren’t acting quite right. These gobbled early, then just shut up for an hour or so. I think the hens left them then, because when I called after that, it wasn’t long at all until I got a shot. I’m hearing a lot of people are having a tough time. My advice is be patient. Plan on staying up in the morning and if the hens slip away, you can get those gobblers gobbling again and they’ll come to you.

We are going to head out to Texas for some hunts and I’m looking forward to that. You can take four birds in Texas now.

This colder weather is setting them back a bit, even in Texas. They just seem to do better on the warm, good weather days.

Either way, get out there and get after them. You can’t kill them at home. You’ve got to get out in the woods.

Be safe out there!