What to do when fishing is tough

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These days with water temperatures at 90 degrees or higher and long, hot days as the norm, fishing can be pretty tough. Here are three suggestions to help you catch more bass.

  1. Go early and late. The first couple of hours of daylight may be the best time of the day in most cases and the last hour of the evening. It isn’t so bright and fish are likely to be moving in search of an easy meal.
  2.  Find some grass. Fish don’t all go deep when it’s hot. In fact, some of them go more shallow than you’d expect. A lot of summer lunkers are caught in2-3 feet of water. The key is they will be up in, or under, some sort of aquatic vegetation. It’s cooler there and there is plenty of oxygen in the water. Plus, it’s where the baitfish hang out.
  3. Find some shade. Not for you, but for the fish. Fish will hang under the shade of a leaning log or treetop, a boat dock or pier, or even on the shady sides of trees. Fish, it seems, are not that much different than us in the summer. They gotta eat, but they want to stay cool, too. Remember that when you go fishing this time of year.

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