A chilly Monday morning limit

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Man, it was chilly Monday morning. We didn’t have any ice, but it sure felt like there should have been some.

We killed a limit of 24, but we were fortunate. We hunted a blind that we had not been to yet and there have been some ducks sitting on it for about a week. We were able to capitalize on that and had a good hunt. But it wasn’t easy.

I tell you what, that full moon is killing folks. It was so bright Sunday night that the birds are just flying in feeding at night, then laying up in the middle of the big reservoirs during the day, kind of like the deer do us when they go nocturnal.

Most folks are struggling a little bit if there isn’t some new water to go to and until this moon goes away or gets covered by cloud cover, we’ll have our backs to the wall. But you can’t kill ‘em unless you go. There are still a lot of ducks around. It’s just a matter of getting in the right place at the right time.