Day 1: Duck hunters got mooned

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That beautiful full moon Friday night was all anybody seemed to be talking about. But it sure didn’t help the duck hunting. The ducks could see to move and feed all night long and it was so bright in most areas before “daylight” you didn’t even need a flashlight.

We ended up okay with 22 ducks among us, but man, the other day there seemed to be a lot more ducks. Everybody seemed to get six or eight — or one or two — on opening morning, but it was just tough. These ducks don’t know if it is night or day and they can feed all night, then lay up on the big bodies of water during the day. We went by several big reservoirs that were full of ducks, but there just weren’t many flying after legal shooting hours. It was okay early, then it tapered off fast. It may be that way the next couple of days.

But we’ve got weather changes coming and that’s always good. Stay with them. And be careful out there.