Day 10: Hard work for limits

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It was a good morning. We split up and went in two blinds and both blinds got limits, but man, it wasn’t easy. I’m glad we got it done early because there was no wind. We had to work for them and use pull cords to move the decoys for a little action and the MOJO decoys helped a lot. We saw a decent number of ducks but when there’s no wind, you are just lucky to do what we did today.

Several other groups had some good shooting, but really, there weren’t that many people hunting right after the holidays. Everybody had to go back to work. It was still a good mix with mostly teal, gadwall and pintail.

The weather looks about the same the next week so we’ll see what we can do. We certainly wouldn’t complain about more days like this, even though we had to work for them. Be safe out there.