Day 11: Slowest day of the season for us

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We didn’t know what to expect this morning because even though we had a good shoot for four of us yesterday, there weren’t a lot of birds flying. As you can expect, there also weren’t many folks hunting again today. We got seven this morning. Today is the slowest day we’ve had as far as seeing ducks. We didn’t hear much shooting. One group of boys killed 30, but they had a big bunch roosting in their field and were able to work them. We aren’t expecting a lot right now. The weather is so mild. The wind didn’t blow until like 9 o’clock and we didn’t give it much past that. We saw less than 50 ducks all morning.

It’s still a mix of big ducks and teal, but most of the shooting is early and is teal. We did get a pair of pretty mallards this morning. We will sure be warmed up for the big ducks when they get here because if you can hit those buzzing teal, you can hit anything!