Day 20: A little better, but few ducks

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The Duck Blind
Don’t forget to stop by the Duck Blind for lunch while you are shopping!

It was kind of like yesterday. We killed 12 and another blind killed 12, but nothing like we were seeing. Pretty stale out there. Some ducks, but not a ton. I don’t know why. I wish I had the answers, but it’s just duck hunting. When we got that big wind, it pushed the big ducks out. Sometimes when it gets a little warmer and the south wind hits, it might blow them back up here. Let’s hope so.

Hopefully the holidays will be good for all the guys and gals that don’t get to hunt a lot during the season because of work. Go get’em.

Today we are one third of the way through duck season. It takes a long time to get here, but a short time to be here and gone for sure. Take advantage of your opportunities and make the most of each hunt. And be safe. Always. Especially around the water.

PS – Santa is still taking orders at Simmons’ Sporting Goods if you need anything for your hunter, naughty or nice.