Day 33: Cold is here, ducks not so much

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Well, if it’s cold you’ve been wanting to make your duck hunting complete, Happy New Year. It was the coldest day of the year by far. We had to break ice this morning and fool with it all morning to keep some open water. We did have some good shooting and got a seven-man limit, but there were a lot of spoonbills.

There are some ducks in the area and folks had a few good spots where shooting was good. People saw a lot of flight ducks yesterday, but not so many today. There are still some geese being taken, but man it was miserably cold and damp Monday morning. There’s just not lots of ducks. And there are more misses than hits from blind to blind. With many people having to go back to work after the holidays, not many people are hunting. If we get a big bunch of new birds, look for that to change. It’s never too early in the year to start taking vacation days when you are a real duck hunter, right?

Take time to keep everything from your gun to your decoys and blind in good shape. You don’t want to get caught short just in case things get better. And we hope they do. Stay ready. And stay safe.