Happy Thanksgiving

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We hope you are having a good Thanksgiving weekend and pause to be thankful for your blessings, large and small. It is sure a blessing to live in a country where we are free to pursue outdoor sports and own/shoot guns. Never take that for granted.

Duck season has been off to a pretty good start for most folks. The key is finding some water, either in a field or a lake or reservoir. Some have been pumped up and a few have had enough rainwater to make a wet spot.

Hopefully some cooler, wet weather will move more ducks in for the remainder of the first half of the season. This weekend there should be good crowds out hunting to keep the ducks moving. We did get asked if ducks ever feed or decoy on dry ground. They probably do, but it is a rare occasion to the best of our knowledge.

Stay safe out there and always help other folks out if they need it.