New LDWF fee structure affects Bussey access

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There’s a new fee structure for licensing that went into affect on June 1. Make sure you are aware of the changes from the Louisiana Wildlife & Fisheries. It affects those fishing Bussey Brake.

One of the new fees being charged is an “access permit” for Wildlife Management Areas. Remember, even though Bussey Brake is a lake, it’s also under the WMA program. There’s a yearly fee of $20 for unlimited visits to WMA sites. The senior’s combination hunting/fishing license that sells for $5 also includes the “access permit”.

While the Wildlife & Fisheries enforcement agents are expected to just issue warnings early on in the program, that is not guaranteed. Pay attention. Remember to get the proper licenses. Follow the special limit and size regulations and Bussey.

And oh yes, have fun.

Here’s a look at all the fees and licenses. Get a cup of coffee. It’s kinda long…