Sun sets on another duck season

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The sun set Sunday on another good Louisiana duck season. The 60-day season with two splits started out good, then we hit a rough spot with a drought and unseasonably warm weather. But then a late winter blast saved us with a new bunch of ducks and some good duck hunting weather. Overall, it ended up being a good year.

We closed out the weekend on a high note, killing plenty of ducks despite them getting spread out by a torrential rainfall that hit the last week of the season. We still had plenty of ducks, although not swarms of them everywhere. We found some mallards hitting the woods holes and a few scattered in the fields, but for the most part, it was just a mixed bag. Teal carried us through the whole season in keeping things active when other ducks were slow.

Overall, the freeze not only moved more ducks our way, but it brought them to where the food was and we were able to capitalize on it. We hope you had a good season. If you aren’t tired of shooting, there are some enormous goose hunting opportunities still ahead, although most folks just hang it up for the year.

One more thing. Duck season isn’t finished until you clean up everything and get your gear in good shape. A little work now prevents a lot of damage and frustration later, especially on guns, decoys, ATVs and anything with moving parts.

Be safe. That’s a wrap for 2023-24.