2014 Opening day: A good one!

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IMG_0379We had quite a few ducks this morning with a mixture of about a third mallards, gadwalls and teal. We saw lots of teal early, but held off for the big ducks. It was real unusual opening day this year for us and almost everybody I talked to. Normally, you get about 10% mallards on opening weekend, but we were all seeing 50% mallards. That’s a good sign.

They are talking about 90% chance of rain tonight and if we got a good rain, the water will help hold them in here better. To be honest, I rode around a lot Friday and didn’t see that many ducks, but when folks got them stirred up this morning, there were lots of them. Five of us hunting were finished at 9 a.m. and had 26 ducks. That’s a good day.

Most everybody I talked to did well. Over in McGowan Brake they had some great hunts with aScreen Shot 2014-11-22 at 2.56.30 PM bunch of mallards. The folks I talked to in Arkansas had the same thing.

The morning started a little slow except for the teal because it was gray and a lot of wind, so they were spooky, but when the sun popped out around 8 a.m., they got going good.

I heard no bad reports this morning. That’s another good sign. Good hunting and be safe out there!