A few teal

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screen-shot-2016-09-20-at-11-10-20-amNormally when we say there are a “few teal around” that means that everybody is seeing some, but hunting isn’t really that great. It’s also a signal that some folks might be seeing more than they’ll admit, but just say “a few” to keep the conversation going.

Well, this season, “a few teal” has been exactly that. A few teal. Very few teal. It’s just so blamed hot and it’s dry to boot. There isn’t much water and folks haven’t pumped water in most of the duck holes yet. Most of the farmers are still getting crops in. So if there are any teal around heading into the last weekend, if you’ve got water, you should see them.

We went a couple of times and the blind killed 15 one day, but only four the next trip. That just isn’t worth it in this heat. You never know, though. We may get some in for the weekend. It’s better than mowing the yard.

If you go, take plenty of mosquito spray, dress light and watch out for snakes. Be careful out there. And good luck with getting a few teal.