Cold, water, some ducks…and snow?

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Screen Shot 2018-11-14 at 10.56.12 AMUnless you were duck hunting back in 1950, you might have seen something Wednesday morning that you’ve never seen before:   Snow falling on the duck blinds BEFORE duck season even starts. That’s the last time this area had snow in November.

Well, you may not have seen the duck blind unless you were working on it, but rest assured. It got a little.  The area had a good dusting of snow, reported up to 1/2 an inch in some north Louisiana areas, Wednesday morning. It fell on green plants and tree leaves, another oddity. And for the first time in quite a few years, duck season will open with lots of water, cold temperatures and yes, even a few ducks! they started coming in late Sunday. The first few days should be really good. After that, there is so much water and food that they may spread out, but they shouldn’t go anywhere for a few days.

The season opens Saturday in the East Zone. Make sure you have all your prep work done, your gun and equipment is ready and you have the blind in good shape. When things are right, you get out of hunting what you put into it. Don’t go unprepared.

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Be safe out there.

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