Countdown to the second split

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          We are ready for some more of this!

The second split of the East Zone of Louisiana’s duck season opens Saturday. That, in itself, is exciting. But the reports we are getting dampen that a little bit. Some folks are reporting a good many ducks. Some are reporting they don’t have any. It’s a mixed bag for sure, just like the first split. And if things don’t change, the first part of the second split will be much like the first part of the season.

Arkansas is open again and that usually drives some more birds down here, but the Arkansas Aerial Survey came out this week and in a nutshell, it says there is less water and there are less ducks than ever in December.  Yes, that’s as in EVER!

Another thing I’ve noticed is the past two weeks we have not had any wind at all at daylight. None. I can’t remember zero wind at all this time of year. A lot of folks don’t realize how much that has to do with stirring the ducks up and moving them around.

This full moon has messed folks up in Arkansas this week, too. The ducks are feeding at night. Some of the only successful hunters are having to go in the afternoon after 3 p.m. and catching the ducks moving in to feed before sundown.

We’ll keep you up with what we know on the Simmons’ Duck Report. As I’ve said many times before, I know you can’t kill any if you don’t go. So let’s get geared up, give it our best shot and just enjoy being in the blind. The ducks are coming sooner or later. They always do.