Day 1, 2019-20: It was better than I expected

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We hunted three blinds with three people each and all got a limit this morning. It was a lot better than I expected because we hadn’t been seeing that many ducks. Most of the ones we got were teal and we got some specklebellies, too. It was a good opening morning and I think it’ll just get better from here. The season opened up in Arkansas, too, and when the start rattling them around up there, the ducks will head this way.

Actually we saw more ducks in 10 minutes this morning than I had been seeing while we were working on the blind. There wasn’t a whole lot of shooting around us, but everybody I talked to said they saw and shot some ducks. It was really on the first hour, then it slowed down considerably for the ducks.

I would have bet we would have gotten a limit of geese because there are just so many of them around, but man, when that shooting started they got 100 yards high and would not even look down. They got the heck out of Dodge in a hurry.

I had a good morning with my new dog, Willow. She did a great job, especially for her first morning to actually see ducks. I’m looking forward to lots of good times with her. And ducks in the morning and LSU football in the evening. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Stay tuned to the Simmons’ Sporting Goods Duck Report right here and we’ll try and keep you posted on what’s going on. When you’re in the store, let us know how it’s going for you. And be safe out there.