Day 1: Opening morning was good

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It was a pretty good opening morning. It was alright early, but it got even better as the morning wore on. We had 25 by 8 a.m., but we had to come on in to the store to work. In the field, it was dead still, not even a breath of wind and it was cloudy. That’s not the conditions we like for duck hunting. They were pretty spooky and flying around the edges early.

When we left, one of the other blinds in our field only had nine ducks, but they stayed and after the wind picked up after 10, the six of them ended up with 30.

IMG_0049It was a good opening morning. There were lots of ducks flying and a lot of shooting. It was mostly teal, gadwall, wigeons and pintails, a real mixed bag.

With the cold coming in tonight and windy conditions Sunday, it should be a really good day.

Get out there and enjoy the season. Sixty days sound like a long time, but the season will be here and gone before you know it! Stay safe. And don’t forget to come by and see us at the store!