Day 10: Another good one

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Day Ten of the first split wasn’t a “perfect 10”, but it was pretty close. Sunday started out foggy and still. You could hardly see the decoys and the ducks we got early were in the decoys before we could see them. Things weren’t that fast, but man, about 8:30 the wind came up and the fog started burning off.

IMG_0351-1We had mallards and pintails coming from everywhere. The four of us got a limit of 24. Of that, 16 of those were mallards and pintails.

If we would have known that, we could have slept in and gone about 8 and still limited out. It was a good day for a lot of folks I talked to. We saw a lot of ducks and there are a lot of new ducks in the area. The rain we’ve got in the forecast should make things even better.

And yes, we are going to be crazy and go Monday morning. Aren’t you? There’s a 50% chance of rain early but maybe we can get on them and get out of there. There will be a 15 mph wind and that should make things good. It looks like about 9:30 a.m. that the front will hit. Rain forecast for then is 100% and some bad stuff behind that. We’ll see who the real duck hunters are in the morning, right?

Stay safe…and dry. And if you don’t have the right gear for that kind of hunting weather, come see us at Simmons’ Sporting Goods. We do!