Day 10: Another slow day

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IMG_0298I got a few better reports today. We had a little wind an it was really cold. The good news is that more people saw ducks,  even though they didn’t work a lot. It was something different for sure. Sounds like some ducks moving in on that front.

I went back looking for my big buck this morning. About 5:45, I saw something dark in the moonlight down the shooting lane and put up my glasses. There he was, about 75 yards away. But it was just too early to shoot. He just turned back around and went into the woods. About 6:10, a whole bunch of days starting working out into the lane. I just knew he would come back chasing one of them, but he didn’t. He’ll mess up one of these days.

Now, back to duck season. Wow. It’s been a slow start to the season. I’m still hopeful that this cold weather, heavy wind and clear days will continue bring more ducks later in the week. As I said, a few more people are killing some, but it is so scattered “hit and miss” may even be an exaggeration. The only thing I can say is hang in there. They’ll be here. There are still a lot of flight ducks headed south. Hopefully they’ll decide to stop in our area.

The season is closed in Arkansas this week and our East zone closes at the end of the day Sunday. Even though you may not have really used your gear a lot the first split, it will give you a chance to make sure you gun is clean, your gear is in top shape, your decoys ready  and the blind brushed and camouflaged as good as possible. You sure don’t want the ducks to get here and you not be ready.

Be safe out there.