Day 10: Still slow

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lt is still hit or miss in the duck fields of north Louisiana.  Mostly miss. A few people are killing some ducks, but most are having really tough luck. I don’t see anything much happening to change that. People are really having to scrap and get a little lucky to make a successful hunt. I think the ducks are getting tired of being shot at everywhere they go where there is water.

There is a chance of some rain this week, which could get us some more spots with water, but it doesn’t look like it is enough to make any changes. The mornings will be cold, but then it will be warm again during the day through the end of the first split. There is a chart of the upcoming weather forecast at the bottom of today’s report.

The only advice I can give is that if you don’t go, you certainly won’t get any. It’s a challenge, but you never know when a big wad of ducks will find you and it will make it all worthwhile.

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