Day 10: Perfect morning, not too many ducks

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Notice the picture? The dogs are still looking skyward wanting some more!

It was a perfect morning — cold, clear skies, windy. We went to a spot where a buddy killed a bunch yesterday with high hopes. Six of us even went where we could get a good bunch of ducks. We did kill enough to make it worthwhile, but nothing like we expected.Somebody must have told the ducks we were coming because most of them went somewhere else. We did get a limit of specks and that was fun.

It was strange. I saw more ducks Monday than any other day so far, but they were 200 to 400 yards high and heading south. They didn’t even want to look down. We couldn’t get them to work. The specks were a different story. They locked up and worked as good as you could expect. That’s just duck hunting.

We saw mostly pintails and gadwalls. Not a lot of mallards out there today. I did learn one thing this week. If you killed a bunch somewhere today, you better not go back there tomorrow. They are pretty easy to rattle out of there.

It should be a good day Tuesday. We’ll give them a try — but at a different blind.

Be safe.