Day 11: Ducks scattered, geese thick

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Screen Shot 2019-12-03 at 6.31.58 PM
A couple of blinds full of hunters can stack up some specklebellies around here during the first split

Hunting is still hit or miss around here. We’ve got some good conditions, but the ducks are scattered. Duck reports from pretty much all over the state are the same. The season started off with a bang and ducks moved around a good bit, but after the first few days, things started slowing down with the warm weather in the middle of last week.

Things are picking back up a bit, with more ducks reported in almost every region, but there isn’t as much hunting pressure right now, so the ducks aren’t really flying.  The first half of the split ends in the East Zone Sunday so hopefully some new flight ducks will be coming into the area.

The goose hunting continues to be outstanding. Most everybody who is going and has a spot in a field is seeing and shooting limits of geese.

Always keep safety first out there!