Day 11: Slow…but hope for tomorrow

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It was real slow Tuesday. Real slow. We only killed seven ducks this morning. But we only saw about 12. I guess that’s a pretty good percentage anyway.

We talked to a lot of folks that didn’t kill any or had one or two. It was as slow as I’ve seen it. There just were not any ducks flying.

ducksmedium.jpgBut there’s hope for Wednesday morning. Some of my guys went out and looked around this afternoon and saw some big bunches of ducks coming in over the fields. They were dropping in and staying here, too. That got us excited about tomorrow.

They saw a couple thousand ducks — teal, mallards and gadwalls.

It’s supposed to be sunny tomorrow, too, and maybe that will help. We need a good push of ducks through the get us through this first split. Stay tuned. And be safe!