Day 11: The ducks get some rest

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There is still some good duck hunting in the area, but I didn’t go today. Our whole group laid out. The ducks seem to be going from one area to the other. One day they really get them on Hwy. 15, then the next up at Mer Rouge and then somewhere else. Then it changes again almost every day. It isn’t solid everywhere like it was the first few days of the season. Maybe the ducks — and the hunters — are getting a little rest. There are still a lot of geese in the area.

I’m not hearing much out of Wham Brake. The first few days it was really good, but has slowed down.

We got some good reports from Mississippi hunters around Greenwood and Greenville. They’ve been killing a lot of ducks and seeing a lot of mallards. Their season just opened last weekend. Hunting along the river isn’t that good because they don’t have any water. If the Mississippi comes up and floods some of those hardwood bottoms, they’ll have some good shooting, but there’s just not much backwater now.

Arkansas reports are still good as well, but not like they were. I also talked to some people over in Texas that are seeing and shooting lots of mallards. They have a lot of ducks over there that come feed in the peanut fields at night, then come back to rest in the cow ponds. That’s where they do their shooting.