Day 11: Wet and wild

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All I can say is wet. Everything I’ve got is wet from my waders to my gun. We went out early this morning hoping to beat the storm, but we didn’t. Sometimes it rained so hard that we could only sit there with our heads down and our hoods pulled over our face. That storm was pretty bad. At legal shooting hours, it was still dark because of all the clouds and rain. You couldn’t see 20 yards.

But there were ducks. Tons and tons of ducks. I probably saw more ducks this morning than I have the entire first split so far. We didn’t get a limit, but we could have. Five of us got 24 and they were all pintails, gadwalls and mallards. We saw lots of mallards. That’s a really good sign.

Early on, we would have a group of 20 or 30 fly over. Four or five would break off over the decoys. We would wait hoping to draw in more, but that didn’t work. One thing I did know early. Once they flew past the decoys they weren’t about to come back into that 30 mile and hour wind no matter what we did. So we started taking our shots and still had a great day.

Overall it was a great hunt. There are a lot of ducks flying. There are a lot of new ducks in the area. I don’t know about tomorrow. I may have to sit it out and dry everything out. But I think Wednesday when the sun comes back out and we get some more wind, it should be another great day.

Be safe out there.