Day 12: Beautiful day for hunting, but…

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IMG_0094Wednesday was an absolutely beautiful day to go duck hunting. We had a beautiful sunrise. The temperature was down around 40. It felt like duck hunting weather.

But somebody forgot to tell the ducks.

IMG_0097All those ducks that came into the area late yesterday must have found somewhere better to go because at daylight today, they were gone. In a word, hunting today was bad.

Some fishermen say that a bad day fishing is better than a good day at work. I just can’t say that about duck hunting. A bad day duck hunting is just a bad day duck hunting.

We’ve got a few more days left in the first split. We’ll stay after them. Hope you do the same. The only way to know when the ducks show up is to be there to see them! And keep your fingers crossed that the second split will make up for the first. They are going to come.