Day 12: Encouraging words

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I got a call today that we finally had some ducks in some of our blind areas so we are getting everything all geared back up and ready to go in the morning. We had some encouraging reports today for the first time all season. Some folks down on Hwy 15 did pretty good. Three guys got their limit by 8 a.m. They saw a lot of teal. That is surely encouraging.

There’s a big south wind, so I’m hoping that is blowing some more ducks in our way that passed us by the first time. I’ll have a better first hand report tomorrow.

And this weekend, it is going to warm up again and probably be windy. We didn’t have good hunts when it was cold, so maybe the warm weather will stop them here. Who knows. It’s our last few days until the first split ends so we have to make the most of it.

Be safe out there.