Day 12: Well, the season is open…

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The good news is duck season is open. The not as good news is that duck hunting has fallen off quite a bit over the past few days. It’s going to be warmer tomorrow, so we may get some wind, but it is looking like cloudy weather is going to hit later Thursday and the possibility of rain and thunderstorms Friday.

It’s still hit and miss with the ducks. Some folks are doing okay and others are having a hard time. The geese are still thick, but not providing as much good shooting as they were. A lot of them are getting really skittish and hard to work. Hopefully we’ll have some more ducks move in ahead of this weather. The other good news is that this season has started off a lot better than last year when we were battling floods and low numbers of ducks.

We’ve got four days left in the first split, then a few days off before it opens back up again in the East Zone. Be safe out there!