Day 13: Another limit

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screen-shot-2016-11-30-at-8-44-47-amHunting was good this morning. It wasn’t as good as some of the hunts, but it was still good. Only three of us went. It was cloudy and we had some wind, but it wasn’t the best direction for this blind so the ducks kind of circled the edges of the decoys and didn’t really work well. About the third time they did that, I told everybody we were going to take our shots with those 10 gauges when they were low enough.

We had some good shooting and ended up with a limit of 18. They were all gadwalls. A lot more people are seeing ducks now. In fact, many of the blinds that didn’t have ducks do have ducks now. And some of the spots that have been hot aren’t so hot right now. I think after that rain the ducks have more choices and they are going where they haven’t been getting shot at.

We are hunting in a blind tomorrow that we haven’t hunted yet, so hopefully that will pay off. A lot of folks are seeing good groups of mallards where they haven’t been before. There is still a good mix of ducks in the area.

The first split ends Sunday so maybe that will keep us going until then. It looks like some serious winter weather up north next week, too, so maybe that will fill us up with ducks for the second split.

Here’s one important note: I haven’t been on a bad hunt yet this year. That is sure better than last year, knock on wood!