Day 13: It wasn’t lucky for sure

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Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 6.59.07 PMThere were mixed reports today and some ducks flying today, but there is so much water and so few ducks that when there aren’t a lot of hunters out stirring them up, it is slow in most areas.  I wouldn’t say Day 13 was unlucky, but it sure wasn’t lucky for most hunters.

Several people had good hunts in the backwater off the Ouachita River and it seems like folks willing to motor into the backwater are having the best success. We had some good reports out of Felsenthal and the Upper Ouachita Refuge, too.  It’s still slow in the rice fields for the most part. We have three more days of the first split, then we’ll shut down Sunday for 12 days and start up again for the second split Dec. 19 – Jan. 31.

Arkansas is down now, but they start up again next Thursday. Maybe if they shoot at them a bunch while we are down and we have a couple of weeks for them to get comfortable down here, we will start up the second split in good shape.

Stay safe