Day 13: Not a lucky day

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Thursday wasn’t a lucky day, unless maybe you are a duck. The hunters didn’t have much luck for sure. In fact, a lot of folks are starting to talk about going deer hunting or rabbit hunting or something. It’s pretty tough out there.

A few people told me it picked up some today, but from what we could see, it was mostly slow. Every year there is usually a lull during the season, but it usually isn’t in the first split. Same old thing–it is just so dry out there the ducks don’t have many places to go around here. The long range forecast doesn’t give much hope of rain or cold weather for the next few weeks. We will just have to wait and see.

The good news is that it doesn’t take but one big push and things can pick up. I don’t see it coming before the end of the first split Sunday, but hopefully it will get here by the opening of the second split. Stay tuned.