Day 13: We needed some wind!

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We went to Arkansas this morning and enjoyed hunting on the opening day of their second split.  There were three of us and we killed 18, but half of them were teal. We just didn’t see as many big ducks as I expected.

bluewingedTealOf course, there were some pretty bad conditions. It was gray and it was so still, not a breath of wind. The teal flew early and they were coming in, so we were shooing. We needed some wind!

I did talk to quite a few people back down in Louisiana that did a bit better today. We had a few limits reported down around Hwy. 15, but the fog hurt a lot of people. There may have been more ducks flying that I think, but it was just so foggy you couldn’t see. There was some good shooting down on the south end of Morehouse. Two blinds down there killed limits. Some of the shooting up in Arkansas probably brought more ducks down this way. Hunters that stayed later had a better chance of limiting.