Day 14: Dodging rain; shooting ducks

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A lot of people like me thought it was going to be pouring down rain this morning and not a lot of people went. But those that were brave killed some ducks. It isn’t everybody, but it’s a lot better than it has been. There are a good many teal and gadwalls. Not many mallards.

I saw some pictures up in south Arkansas where there were wads of ducks working in the fields. They haven’t been there but two or three days and they aren’t far from us. Of course, the season is closed up there, so they aren’t getting run off. When they open back up, there should be some wads of ducks heading this way.

It looks like rain again in the morning, but we will see. I have killed ducks in the pouring down rain before, but I was a lot younger.  Sometimes they fly good after a big rain, too, and maybe that will be the case in the morning. Saturday and Sunday are the last two days of the first split, so hopefully we’ll get in some shooting.

Be safe.