Day 14: Ducks finicky; specks fun

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We saw swarms of ducks Friday morning, but man, they were just flying way up there and didn’t look like they cared about anything except going somewhere else. The few ducks we did get came in and locked up good, but the majority of them just weren’t interested. That’s pretty much the same story everywhere. We killed 13 ducks and the four of us had eight specks.

The specks are making it worth going. They are really working good right now and we could have killed a ton of them.

I think one of the issues with the ducks is that most of them were pintails and they can just be that way. Sometimes they are hard to fool with. We didn’t see many teal either.

We’ll give them a shot in the morning.With it being the weekend, maybe there will be more folks out there to keep them stirred up.

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