Day 14: Plenty of rabbits and squirrels!

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Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 8.36.04 AMThat’s a terrible way to begin a DUCK REPORT, but today was equally sad on the duck hunting front. I haven’t heard much of anything good. They are killing a few ducks on Hwy. 15, but they have to stay until lunch to get 10 or 12. That’s not good.

It’s just thin. Most of the folks around Mer Rouge have just given up. One of our guys went this morning and killed every duck he had come into the decoys.  That was three. There are lots of specklebellies in the area and the best hunting seems to be for them.

We will get a weather change this coming week and the season in Arkansas opens back up next Thursday, so maybe that will push some more ducks our way. We really, really need rain. The few ducks that are in the area have become pretty well educated that everywhere they find water, there’s somebody in a duck blind. If they find anywhere they are not getting shot at, they are staying there.

First split closes Sunday. Give ’em a try if you get a chance. Or go hunt some rabbits and squirrels.