Day 14: Quick limit

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Just two of us went this morning, but we had a limit by 7:30 and I was at work by 8:30. That’s the kind of hunt I needed. Half our limit was teal and we had three mallards and three gadwalls.  We didn’t see many ducks because it was just so foggy, but these just headed into the decoys and we had some good, fast shooting. It was just what I needed for sure.

The first split in Louisiana in the East Zone wraps up this weekend so take advantage of the next two days.

A lot of folks didn’t see any today and I don’t know if ducks were flying or not. If they didn’t come in the decoys, the fog was too thick to see them. I had mixed reports from Hwy. 15 and haven’t heard much from the river hunters. One hunter I talked to from up at  Jones just got two mallards and a speck.

The second split in Arkansas is in full swing. We’ll bring you more about that and the hunting this weekend in Louisiana. Stay tuned.