Day 15: Fast limits

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Screen Shot 2019-12-07 at 8.27.06 PMHere’s something you don’t see every day. It took us longer to ride several miles to the blind on the four wheelers than it did to get a limit of ducks and geese Saturday morning. How about that? Three of us got 18 teal and six specks and I was back at the store by 8:30 going to work. That’s a pretty good hunt. It made us smile for sure. We got eight teal out of one big drove. The geese just kept coming and coming. It’s amazing.

It’s something else. I think we’ve already killed more in the first split than we did all last year. My new puppy is sure getting some work. She’s got to pick up over 400 birds in just 14 days. That’s what it takes to make a duck dog.

How about that big green “ATV”? It just happened to be under the shed where we were taking pictures. Some of the mud out there is pretty bad and it would be good to have that with tracks on it, but that would be some expensive ATV.

Be safe out there. One more day in the first split, then they get to rest a few days and we’ll be back at it again the next weekend. That’s what I call a working man’s split — you don’t even miss a single weekend. Be safe out there.