Day 15: One day left in first split

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There goes a duck!   Yep, it’s this bad…  I’ve never seen anything like it in 40 years of duck hunting. The number of ducks in the area aren’t much motivation to get up at 5 a.m. and go out in the near-freezing temps Sunday morning, but the fact that it’s our last day of the first split might do it for some duck hunters.

Seriously, there just aren’t any ducks around anywhere, from south Louisiana through here all the way up into usual hotspots like Cache River and Stuttgart. We just need a good push of cold weather. I think all the ducks are still up north and they aren’t coming down here until it gets cold. We will definitely have to depend on a good second split to salvage the season.

We still don’t have many ducks and only a few success stories from local duck hunters. Some of the hunters that limited out yesterday in the backwater didn’t kill but three or four ducks today. We had some folks go to one of our very best spots in the field this morning and they did not even fire a shot. As I said yesterday, the best news I have may be the fact that we have to lay off a couple weeks off and maybe more ducks will come in before the opening of the second split.

Stay safe.