Day 16: A good first split

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It’s been a good first split. Goose hunting has been phenomenal. Duck hunting has been good. We didn’t get a lot of mallards down for the first split, but we had more ducks the first split this year than the whole season last year. It’s a good start.

We’ve got a few days off and if you have time, it’s a good thing to spend some time sprucing up the blind, replacing torn up brush and picking up some shells and trash. Check on the decoys and maybe even considering changing the spread a bit. Get it looking good for the second split. It could be a good one. Make sure you have plenty of shells. There are many types of shotgun ammo to choose from. If you aren’t sure which ones are best, or want to pick up some for a Christmas present for your hunting friends, make sure to ask us and we’ll be glad to help you at the store. There are lots of birds north of us just waiting for a good cold blast of winter to move right on down here.  First split in the East zone came to a close this afternoon.

Also, talking about Christmas — now’s a good time to shop. Don’t wait until the last minute rush to get in on hunting gear deals at Simmons Sporting Goods!

Here’s a quick review of the seasons:

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