Day 16: I’m not that crazy

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screen-shot-2016-11-30-at-8-45-35-amGo ahead. Ask me if I went hunting Saturday morning.

No. I did not go. I’m not that crazy. Maybe when I was younger, but not now. It was pretty ugly out there and it stayed that way all day. I bet we had three inches of rain. It was just nasty out there. I did talk to a few people that braved the weather, but they didn’t do much good. Ducks will fly in this kind of weather, but they usually stir around a bit and head to areas where they haven’t been bothered. They have plenty of places to go now with all the water.

Some others got up and got ready, then checked on the weather and went back to bed. That was probably a good decision.

The best thing that can happen for us right now is for the season to end tomorrow afternoon.  We have plenty of water now and that cold blast up north is going to send us plenty of ducks. Having a couple of weeks to get them in here and hold in the water we’ve got, that could be the ideal situation for when the second split opens up.

I’m probably going to let them rest again tomorrow morning, but we’ll be talking to some folks to let you know how the hunting was. Be safe out there. And don’t wait too long to give Santa your Christmas list so he can come see us at Simmons’ Sporting Goods and fill up his bag.