Day 17: A good first split

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screen-shot-2016-11-30-at-8-47-01-amThe first split of the East Zone came to a close Sunday. it was a good first split, especially for people who had their water right at the first of the season.

Sunday wasn’t the best day of the first split, but hunters had varied success. We have so much water now that the ducks that have been here had plenty of places to go away from hunting pressure.

The really good news is we have all the makings for a great second split. That’s a world of difference between this year and last year. First, we have plenty of water and it should hold through the season. Second, the massive cold fronts up north should be sending us more and more ducks during our “down period”. Add to that the fact that Arkansas opens it’s season again Thursday and that could send even more birds on down our way.

We’ll be making a few hunts up there and keep you informed on what’s going on. Thanks for following the Simmons’ Duck Report. Come by and see us at the store for all your duck hunting — and any outdoor — needs. We appreciate you!