Day 17: Lots of ducks to start the second split

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We saw tons of ducks Saturday morning, maybe more than we’ve seen all season. It was so still and calm early this morning and they just wouldn’t work, but a little before 7, we got a little bit of wind and it turned things around. We killed a limit between 7-8 a.m. and were out of there. We had one mallard, one pintail and one gadwall and the rest were teal. It is supposed to be windy Sunday morning so we are hoping for a really good hunt.

HERE’S AN IMPORTANT NOTE; GOOSE SEASON IS CLOSED! Normally it opens back with duck season, but it’s different this year. Make sure you know the regulations for the area you are hunting in. Please pass this along to other hunters as well!

I have to take a minute to brag on my new puppy, Willow. She’s done fantastic and this morning she marked a bird that ended up 500 yards from the blind. She went all the way across the field, got it and brought it right back. She’s getting better every day. Very thankful to have her as a hunting partner!

Be safe!