Day 17: Second split opens with a bang!

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Saturday’s opening of the second split has hunters ready for more birds and more hunting. We will be looking at cloudy skies and rain late in the afternoon, but should be able to have a good morning. There are a good many ducks in the area. Of course, numbers are still not what we’d like, but there is a good mix of ducks. A little wind will sure help things, too.

This week should be a busy one for duck hunters with a lot of people off for the holidays. That’s good news because it will keep the ducks flying better than if only a few folks were hunting. Check your blind good and make sure there aren’t any bare spots and make sure your decoy spread is up to snuff.  If you don’t have good luck the first few days, you might consider rearranging it some. If you hunt with a Mojo or two in your spread, check out the tips in our previous blog post here  for making that work for you later in the season. You’ll be glad you did.

We’ll be bringing you regular reports here on the Simmons’ Sporting Goods Duck Report. Remember you can also catch a video report on KTVE news each afternoon Monday through Friday. Stay safe out there and enjoy this special time of the year. Shoot some ducks!

Louisiana’s 2020-21 duck season dates:

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