Day 17: Second split opens with a bang

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Opening day of the second split in the East Zone ended up pretty good for us Saturday morning. We killed 30 ducks, mostly teal but about 8 or 10 mallards as well. It wasn’t a perfect morning, but we had scads of teal early and had a lot of good shooting.

It was still this morning, but there were more ducks than I thought there would be. I’ll still take sunshine and no wind over cloudy and windy for my hunting success.

Most people we talked to did real good around here. Hunting up in Arkansas has been slower the past two days than anytime during the season, but they are still getting some birds in.

Double check your equipment and keep everything in working order for this long half of the split. The season in the East Zone is open until January 25, 2015.  The state’s West Zone closes Dec. 14 and the second split is Dec. 20-Jan. 18. In the Coastal Zone, the second split opens Dec. 20-Jan. 25 for the final hunting days.